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Frank's Fifteen

For yourself, your families and businesses, as well as my own, here are the top 15 items on my agenda as your City Council representative.  Over time, it's with certainty that these items will advance, morph, and change as we progress as a community.  You have my word that we will adjust accordingly.


15 areas in need of a Frank approach -


  • Fight the efforts of state regulations which erode our abilities to keep our single-family lot status and pressures high density units, including working to  repeal the 2013 ordinance which puts the state in control of local issues.


  • Build along side our new police chief and staff, better ways to deter crime including lighting, cameras, and scheduled foot patrols in the downtown corridor for a safer tourism and commerce experience.


  • Demand a forensic accounting of city finances to understand why so much citywide overtime is happening.


  • Establish working protocols to eliminate the punitive practice of not promoting from within the city to open positions.


  • Promote local business by working to increase parking in our downtown to relive congestion and keep traffic moving.


  • Empower our citizens to get involved or more involved with the city’s operations and become an advocate for the city and the citizens to work together.


  • Develop, along with the City Manager , a comprehensive fast track plan to receive and handle local business requests and provide them with timely updates.


  • Demand the City Manager bring back open forums to City Hall once a month to hear from businesses and residents and understand issues from within our city.


  • Relieve our parking pinch points by increasing our access around town for all in the community using local transit loops and existing infrastructure.


  • Plan and implement, along with residents and downtown businesses a long term solution for outdoor dining.


  • Create a plan with the schools and the police department on how best to address the e-bike safety issues, including mandatory helmets, lighting and operator license requirements.


  • Create a plan to empower residents to work with the Police traffic division to address the safety issue of an increase in vehicles not obeying stop signs.


  • Develop, along with city planners, a comprehensive infrastructure renewal plan, systemically looking at any facilities which are currently 30 years or older as priorities.


  • Stop or severely impede the process which have allowed developments such as the Highrose project from overtaking the entirety of our city skyline.


  • Reestablish a working relationship with the MBUSD school board to open dialogue and communication channels so that taxpayers, residents, and students can have an open discussion and decision-making process in school activities and curriculum.

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