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Retail Cannabis – A burden not worth the money

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I'm against the brick and mortar stores in Manhattan Beach. Personally I see the cannabis issue through the lens of Safety. I don’t believe that retail cannabis is for Manhattan Beach because of public health, public safety, and nuisance issues. These retail establishments are cash businesses that entice a higher rate of crime, including armed robberies. It’s not weed they’re after it’s the cash! In addition to this it may increase the potential of people driving under the influence and causing accidents, or merely having an adverse reaction to the use of the drugs sold. All of which would impose an additional burden on our police and fire departments.

On November 8th, you will see 2 measures on the ballot concerning cannabis; one would permit a maximum of three retail cannabis locations within the city limits, the other measure would continue the 2017 ban on the sale of cannabis in Manhattan Beach.

I don’t see a revenue benefit from allowing three pot dispensaries in our City. The fact is that the State has already determined a lower tax base for these establishments. The cities surrounding Manhattan Beach allow the sale of marijuana and they are mere minutes away.

Ultimately, it’s not for me to say what you can and cannot do as an individual. If you are of the legal age of 21, and you are not infringing or endangering others, and it’s not around schools, then whether its alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana, that’s an individual’s choice, especially if the State deems it legal.

We have the duty to protect our community on health and safety issues but must also ensure that individual liberties are not taken from our residents.


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