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To Be Frank...

- 35 Years of Public Service -
  • MBFD Battalion Captain (Retired)
  • Previous Ventura County Area Director
  • Current MB CERT Director, CPR Trainer
  • 13 year resident of Manhattan Beach
  • Awarded Highest Honor for Boy Scout Leader

A no nonsense approach to leadership.

Hi, I'm Frank Chiella.  I have resided in Manhattan Beach for 13 years, and I am asking for your support for City Council.  I have been in public service my entire 35 year career, including being your current Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Director, and a member of the Fire Department for decades, retiring in 2015 as your Battalion Chief.  I have served my community wherever I have lived, whether it was saving lives, administrating departments, or serving in local government.  It is in my DNA, in my life blood of who I am.  Service, Integrity, and Accountability - it's part of everything I do. My role on the Manhattan Beach City Council is the next logical step to bring these merits to our City Hall. 


Service, Integrity, Accountability

Service - Public safety first - protect lives and property.

Integrity – Insulate our self-governed city from undue county and state influence.

Accountability - Ensure tax dollars are spent in a fiscally responsible way.


It’s time for a Frank discussion about our city...

People live in Manhattan Beach because of its safe, small town appeal, our excellent schools, limited development, and the amazing recreational opportunities of the South Bay.  As good stewards of our city, protecting these things should always remain a Council member’s number one priority in governing – to take action on behalf of, and lead at the direction of the people.  This means listening and not dictating to the community it serves.  Cooperation and common sense solutions, not partisan politics, will make for a better Manhattan Beach.


A Frank Approach to Solve Our Issues:


  • YES to fiscal accountability to hire more personnel and lower the cost to operate the city.

  • YES to more Police and Fire to keep our community safe.

  • YES to increasing local school enrollment and supporting parents and students.

  • YES to more accountability for taxpayer dollars and creating efficiency in our city.


  • NO to the Highrose development and the high impact taking place on the north side of our city.

  • NO to State and County overreach into our local laws.

  • NO to the massive overtime bills because of too many City job vacancies.

  • NO to the 2013 Ordinance tying our hands as a self-governing city.


Help me keep Manhattan Beach the shining city by the sea.  On November 8th, vote For FRANK policies, not OLD politics.


Vote for Frank Chiella.


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